Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Big Thank You From Milo; A Dog With A Big Heart

Thanks John and Milo!!! Dr. Pinky Pinkerton and Nurse Daisy love to add handsome fellows to their list of friends!

Subject:milos enlargered heart and cough

Content:Hi Mark and Holly i want to talk you both so very much i finally got milo to take the meds and i really think they are starting to work.GOD BLESS YOU BOTH!!! You know i want to share something with you guys ,i have taken milo to 4 vets his reg one and 3 that are said to be the very best in the area well they all had stuff for us to buy and nothing they had worked we were told so many different thing we were going nuts not to say anything about our baby suffering the whole time .we spent over 2ooo.oo no fooling 2ooo.oo in 4 weeks on milo and nothing worked! The worst part was we never even got a call back from any of the vets to check to see if he was alright with the meds they gave him.2 of the vet i called to tell them he was haveing trouble with the meds and they still never called back back to check on my baby.i felt like paying them a visit but i have changed my way [getting alittle older will do that]well i got in touch with you guys the meds came the next day you call me 3 or 4 times to see if eeverything was well with milo.YOU TWO FOLKS ARE THE BEST GOD BLESS YOUR HEARTS! I KNOW ITS NOT ABOUT THE MONEY WITH YOU FOLKS YOU BOTH TRULY CARE! THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!!! Its still alittle hard to get him to take the meds but we are getting better at it and he is feeling better thank you .PLEASE PUT MILOS PICTURE WITH THIS NOTE OK I WOULD LOVE OTHER TO SEE IT.IF ANYONE WANTS TO KNOW HOW I FEEL AND PAW HEALERS WRITE ME JOHNAOL.COM I TELL THEM HOW TRULY CAREING YOU ALL ARE! AGIN THANKS JOHN LEWIS

Holly here is MILOS Girl. Her name is Breezy! No joke they are in love! If anyone comes near Milo breezy gets her back up untill she knows its alright .Its the cutest thing you ever saw. She kisses him every morning and if they dont see each other first thing they walk around the house with their tails down and their heads hanging.Then when they see each other they are like pups again.Breezy is also 10 years young.She stands 7 ft on her hind legs they are something. Thanks Again John Collette Milo and Breezy

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