Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bruiser has Hind Leg Weakness - Click Like if you get this look several times a day?

Bruiser from Wisconsin gives his mom Kathy this look of love several times a day, hence her note "My Heartbeat at my side".  This darling boy suffers from hind leg weakness and we sent his mom these options:

  • Fatigue, lots of sleeping
  • Poor appetite
  • Perhaps there are loose stools
  • Low back and  knee soreness
  • Possible muscle wasting
  • Lots of panting, especially at night

  • Dog seems extremely hot
  • Stools may be loose and smelly
  • The legs seem numb
  • Dark concentrated urine
  • Skin problems; hot spots
  • Weak eyesight, dry/lusterless eyes
  • Susceptibility to fright and fear
  • Night time panting
  • Dry skin, fur and/or toe nails
  • Rib side pain when lifting or moving
  • Numbness or apparent leg cramping

  • Cold; dog seems chilled
  • Chilled limbs
  • Frequent urination, incontinence
  • Lack of overall strength
  • Tongue appears pale
  • Profuse clear urination
  • Movement is not steady
  • Tremor like quivering of the legs
  • Legs twitch
  • Dry Skin and/or fur
  • Dry, lusterless eyes
  • Susceptibility to fright and fear

  • Notable weakness after onset of an illness or fever
  • Numbness or paralysis
  • Lots of saliva on the tongue
  • Coughing or wheezing and/or both
  • Fatty lumps or obesity 
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Not all patterns will  exist for one formula and there  may be overlapping patterns from 2-3 different formulas. If this is the case then we will send you a survey to fill out , so that we can pinpoint which formula would work best as we may have to combine 2 formulas into one

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