Friday, September 21, 2012

Molly stresses out when roomates use her Cucumber facial cream! And don't mention The Wedding to her !

Someone in the house has absconded with her Cucumber Soap with Essential Oils and Mollie cannot take it anymore!! First it was her Cucumber Facial Cream by Bella Oils that went missing in July. Then it was her Collagen Facial Treatment Masks with Cucumber, Rosemary and Marigold Extracts with Botanical Essential from Albert Max in August. She has taken to hiding all of her 'things' under her bed and giving us this crazy look you see in the picture above whenever she hears the word c-u-c-u-m-b-e-r.

She is to be in her Best Friend's Wedding this weekend as Maid Of Honor and we are afraid she may go under the bed herself and not come out due to her stress issues. She licks her paws until she has a sore not only on her paw, but on the lower part of her mouth. It looks like her claw scratches her mouth until there is a sore. Will herbs keep her stress free and keep her from wanting to lick everything? 

Do you think it is the "Cucumber Issues" or "The Wedding" that is the problem? Oddly enough she did show up at the Rehearsal Dinner in Julia Roberts dress from the movie "My Best Friend's Wedding" and was slightly tipsy by evening's end!! 

Frazzled in Florida

Pawhealer response - keep Molly away from the champagne and definitely No Shots of Cucumber Vodka!! She may want to switch to Lavender for the the Fall season and here is a LINK to some of our herbal recommendations to use before AND during The Wedding: Calm The Spirit 
Calm Canine Mist 
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