Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ewok of California has Coughing, Collapsed Trachea and Heart Murmur

From a Galaxy not so far away...Ewok of California has Coughing, Collapsed Trachea and Heart

After Ewok's relocation from the forests of the Moons of Endor, his battles against the Dark Side have only increased with the recent Republic Uprising. Now, Ewok and his Wookiee friends are searching for some sort of solution that will restore peace to the galaxy and his health.

Help me Pawhealer, you are my only hope.

Pawhealers response: We love the Camouflage and use it often when we don't wish to be recognized while visiting Starbucks! This is a difficult scenario and could require the herbalist to look at a survey. Many times the heart problem can trump the collapsed trachea problem. So we would start with Empirical Heart Tonic (HM) and Heart Syrup. Keeping in mind we may need to introduce Cough Trachea Support and Cough Syrup at a later date, and they can work very well together if needed. But it would be best to start with one product line first and see the results after 2-3 weeks, and then introduce another regimen if the coughing has not subsided.

May the FORCE be with you!!!

Disclosure PawHealer® (what we want you to know):

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