Monday, September 17, 2012

Mesian has Digestive issues in Wisconsin

Mesian has been coughing after drinking (and only then) for a little over four years, just after losing her eyesight to acute onset glaucoma (L) and detached retina (R). Then about a year ago she started making an odd sound upon exhaling whenever she runs -- It's like the sound when you force all the air out of your chest deeply through your mouth. About a month ago she began making a similar sound when she sleeps. At that same time she started having some pain and weakness in her lower spine and hindquarters. In addition to the loss of her sight, she has had several serious health issues over the course of her life: When we got her, my vet diagnosed kennel cough, an ear infection and coccidia (despite having purchased her from a home in which she and her siblings were well taken care of, I suspect the "uncle" for whom they said they were selling the pups on commission, was actually a puppy mill -- Grrrr). She was then very healthy until the highly puzzling loss of her sight from two seemingly unrelated causes -- while seeing the vet daily -- within a week, 7 years later. Three years after that (a year ago in May) she had pyometra with several adhesions. Then last September she had an intestinal blockage which they were able to flush out -- whew --after three enemas. She remains on stool softeners and does very well. My children, grandchildren and I will be very grateful for whatever recommendations you are able to give us regarding this deep wheeze (as if you're walking in extremely cold dry air) and hind quarter tenderness. She is our darling!. :-) Thank you very much for your time and attention. Best Regards, Melodie Ellefson 

Pawhealer response was Empirical Digestive Support, Pet GO, Florazyme LP. Here are the Links:  

Empirical Digestive Support - Spleen Qi Vacuity

Pet GO

Florazyme LP

One month later an update:

Mesian has been taking your "Empirical Digestive Support Spleen Qi Vacuity & Damp" since the beginning of June. She stopped coughing each time she drank about a month into the regimen. However when I forgot them at home and skipped four days, her post-drink coughing was far worse than it had ever been previously. The coughing quickly disappeared again when I was able to reinstate treatment with the herbs but I am concerned about the dramatic increase in her gagging/coughing after a few days without them. When I reorder now, should we just continue the same herbs or would you recommend something else? 

Pawhealer response was to continue with the Empirical Digestive Support herbs and to then move into a Custom Order as there is other stuff going  on that needs to be addressed. This is $10 extra per bottle for Custom Orders, but well worth the investment of your time that is required to fill out a survey for a Custom Order.
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