Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lets Wish Peeks The Cats The Best!

Dr. Pink Pinkerton and I sent off a formula today to help Mr. Peeks the cat.

Peeks was just diagnosed with Feline Hyperthyroidism.

Dr. Pink and I put alot of thought into what we should do with Mr. Peeks formula. After extensive research we decided to put Mr. Peeks on the very famous zhi bai di huang wan and we modified it with shi gao.

We need this modification for Peeks because of his extreme hungering. We felt that the bio-meds would control the goiter, and we feel that getting rid of the deficiency heat was paramount in this situation.

Heat is not a good thing to have...think of a car running low on runs hot, and then it burns out. This is somewhat of an analogy of Yin deficiency.

We are tonifying Mr. Peeks Yin.

We would like to see his hunger decrease as his Yin becomes nourished.

Thank you peeks for trusting the Pawhealing team with your health.

Dear Admin,

There is a request posted by Lesandre

Detail Are

First NameLesandre
Last NameLesandre

Email Addresslesandre@
SubjectHyperthyroid cat
Phone No559-658-
Best Time to Callday
DetailsMy cat Peeks (13 years old) has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, stage II. Your formula Spleen support Plus looks good. Is this specially formulated for cats? Is is added in their food? How long does a container last? Thank you

Meeting Nice New People

From: Gordon
Date: 3/26/2008 3:20:54 PM
To: PawHealer
Subject: Re: What To Feed Gypsy

Hello Holly:
I don't know what else you do but you sure know how to write a DOGGY MENU!!!
All the ingreients you mentioned were collected and crocked and they both received an ample portion over their dry biscuits. All they left were the biscuits.
Today they received only your recipe and they ate it all.
I'm so excited that Gypsy would change over so readily, as for Missy, she'll eat anything.
I couldn't remember the oils you mentioned while shopping but will look for the fish and flax oil next time out.
Is cod liver oil one of them? and I've never heard of flax oil !!
How much of each oil and when and how should they get it.
Hope you got my address problem worked out . . . that had never happened before.

Thanks again, and have a great day!
Gordon, Gypsy 'n Missy

How great is this e-mail and how very sweet. What I find so impressive is that Gordon is 85 years old and going strong. I love his devotion to his dogs. He came to the PawHealing team so that we could help him with Gypsy's fatty lumps (lipomas).

Gordon is truly a nice guy, we had a wonderful conversation about how to change Gypsy's diet so that she could better digest her food so that we can avoid her getting more of those unslightly lumps!

Gypsy had surgery 6 years ago and Gordon tells Dr. Pink Pinkerton and I that they returned in short order. So Gordon wants to try to do something to help her.

Changing her diet is a big step and apparently Gypsy is very happy about this new menu.

Dr. Pink and I would like to say thanks to Gordon for trusting us with Gypsy's beauty!


Meet Dr. Swift; The Right Remedy!

Dr. Pink Pinkerton and I are ecstatic that we can now recommend a DMV that we strongly believe is qualified and able to help your dog and cat friend.

Dr. Swift is available for phone consults.

For almost every dog or cat owner that gets in touch with Dr. Pink Pinkerton and myself, we always recommend that they find themselves a holistic veterinarian...

Now we are happy that we can point them in a direction to get the proper care for their pets.

Dr. Swift also has great articles on his site and we encourage everyone to take a look.

The Right Remedy

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Max The Cat Has Loose Stools

Dear Dr. Pinky Pinkerton and PawHealer;

There is a request posted by Sheryl

Detail Are

Last Name Sheryl
Address Allen
Email Address seashine37
Subject Cat - Loose Stools and Stress
Phone No 303-642
Best Time to Call anytime
Details My cat has had loose stools for a couple of months. There has been some straining during bowel movements. His eating & activity level haven't changed. He has a sensitive digestion and is emotionally sensitive in general. We have moved 3 times in 6 months, prior to that he had never moved in over 6 years. He recently had dental surgery; quite traumatic. He is noise sensitive, and we now live in a very noisy spot. I am concerned about the loose bowels and am uncertain if it's gastro or stress related.

Dr. Pink Pinkerton spoke with Sheryl and told her we thought Max would do good on a digestive formula that would help to firm up those stools.

We are going to make Max a formula based on the formula sheng ling bai zhu san, and combine it with ping wei san and wu ling san, to drain some of the dampness.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sport The Agility Dog Says Thanks!

Dr. Pink Pinkerton and I got a call from Anne, her dog Sport was not feeling well. He was constantly itching, had dark skin spots, had a rash on his chin and hot spots all over his tummy.

To top it off, Sport was feeling so bad that he didn't want to go to his agility classes, which he use to love to do.

Dr. Pink and I diagnosed the condition as heat in the wei and qi levels, with wind and dampness accumulating in the middle jiao which was the root problem causing all the skin problems due to internal dampness.

We made his custom formula based on clearing this heat (causing the itch) with Gardenia Complex, we also added xiao feng san which is a classical Chinese formula for skin damp heat to stop the itching and the hot spots, and then we mixed it with a base formula called ping wei san, to move the accumulated damp.

We also asked that Ann follow up with formula that will continue to strengthen Sports's constitution to prevent further occurrences of outbreaks.

Dr. Pink Pinkerton and I would like to thank Anne and Sport for trusting us with Sports health.

Thank you Sport and Anne!
Sorry I missed your call. Sport is still inproving happy, happy, happy,
his coat has stopped being so oily, the spots are cleaning off, the
itch is almost gone, the chin is still pink but not red, and he's happy
to go to agility again! He doesn't like taking the two doses of herbs
without a meal, could I put them in capsules? Thanks so much for your
help. Anne ( lsears1234@...)

PinkyThe PawHealer

Friday, March 21, 2008

Thank You Universe!

Dr. Pinky Pinkerton and I have been really really busy.

We made the decision about 6 weeks ago that we wanted to make working with dogs and cats our future.

Its funny, because I feel like the spicket of the universe turned on once we made that very important decision.

We have been blessed with double digit growth, and our patient base is growing exponentially.

I feel that I have never really found my place in the universe. I had a great job, and made alot of money, but I never felt like I fit.

Working with animals makes me feel like I fit...I have now found my place in the universe.

I love working with animals, and I'm so satisfied with my decision and I'm so looking forward to the good things that I am sure are coming our way.

Thank You Universe!

Pinkyand The PawHealer Family

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Update on Shaman and Shadow

We posted the story of Shadow and Shaman a couple of weeks ago. (Shaman's and Shadow's link) We have a current update from Rhonda and "the boyz".

Dr. Pink Pinkerton and I get a kick out of Rhonda's updates, we think you will to!

Hi Holly:

Thought you'd like to know about the status of the boyz maladies....

Shaman has NOT BEEN LICKING his back paw hardly at all. I haven't seen such an improvement in 1 1/2 years. Honest! He still is licking his front paw, but not as much. The yeast/scabby/crusty scabby stuff around his mouth is SO MUCH IMPROVED it's hardly there anymore. (Only a couple of little spots....)

This is a major improvement.

The diet you recommended is super. The boyz absolutely love it. There is a big problem, though....Shaman squeals so much while awaiting his food and barks and twirls (this morning at 6:00 AM) that I'm afraid he's going to wake up the entire condo neighborhood... So far, no complaints, and I hope they aren't coming. Hum....maybe I'm going to have to dish up the meals (I keep all the ingredients in separate containers in the fridge and mix them.) There's the bloody meat container, the mung bean container, the yam container, the stewed chicken container and the chicken soup container. So, he's just about burst before I can get all the ingredients in his bowl and nuked up for 15 seconds. would think I never feed him....This goes on twice a day. I must admit,....since Shadow doesn't eat at the same time as Shaman, sometimes, I have to give Shaman another supper when Shadow decides to eat or both of us will never hear the end of it. (Shaman also has taken to lording over Shadow's bowl while Shadow is eating....Shadow doesn't like this, so Shaman gets yet another supper.....)

Shadow's cough is BETTER, BETTER, BETTER!!!!! He's still coughing, but no more head shaking, and not much waking from sleep coughing. He still coughs/gags when he runs and a little periodically throughout the day, but no where near as bad. I'm not as concerned as I was. PHEW! The only problem still is that he is still chewing his paws as soon as he goes out. Have you every seen a Shih-Tzu laying down in grubby leaves chewing on his paws insanely and not listening to Mom who is screeching to get out of the yucky, moldy leaves.....He doesn't do this quite as much in the house, but as soon as he hits the outside air, he's chomping on his feet. (This is more important to him than peeing...I wasn't happy at 6:00 am while I was standing outside with him in 27 degree weather this morning....And, I didn't have but a sweater on....GRRRRRRRRR. Burrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Both boyz are receiving their herbs diluted in chicken soup gravy and they are ok with that for now. Shadow has turned his nose up a few times, but I get really stern and tell him he has to eat his supper before Shamster flies in there and eats it all up in 3 seconds.....He is the original food boy....But, yesterday,....Shaman was still snoozing when I put both suppers down and Shadow, the little varmint ate both. I've not seen him do that before. Oh, well, I'm sure Shaman's herbs aren't going to hurt Shadow every once in a while and vice versa.

I see from your website that you are very busy.....All the blessings you bestow are returning to you. It shall continue for you. I am certain of it.

So, that's it for update for now. I'll keep in touch.


Rhonda, Shaman and Shadow


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Meet Bully...One Of Our First Customers

This is Bully and he has a collapsed trachea...but there is a story about Bully. He is one of the first dog's that started working with Dr. Pink Pinkerton and myself.

Rudy (Bully's owner) a dedicated and loving pet owner. He has been searching high and low to find a cure for Bully's trachea.

One day he happened to find our website, and I would say we have been working together for over a year.

But Bully and Rudy have a problem. Rudy's wife does not believe in Chinese medicine so Rudy has to keep everything a secret and he can't talk to us on the phone...

So we have just recently gotten Bully's cough under control because of the communication limitations. The team has to hand it to Rudy, he is incredibly dedicated to old Bully.

Bully has weak knees, so Rudy has to carry him up the stairs at night when they go to bed. Rudy watches over Bully day in and day out, and cares so much about healing Bully.

The many dogs that get have received the PawHealer's Collapsed Trachea herbs can thank Rudy and Bully, its because of them that we kept working on the formulas until we found the key that works for the dreadful problem that afflicts these small dogs.

Thank You Bully and Rudy!

From: Rudy
Date: 3/16/2008 3:32:47 PM
Subject: Re: Bully

Hi Holly, here is a pic of bully.. The 1/8 scoop 3 times a day seems pretty good but not perfected yet. The current formula seems to be helping but still need more time to see. thanks holly...
aloha,, Bully.Rudy

Friday, March 14, 2008

Mandy's Cough....A Tough Case!

Dr. Pink Pinkerton and I have been working with Mandy, her story is published below...anyway Mandy had the typical harsh, and we mean really harsh, honking cough.

Of course the Pawhealer team thought nothing of this problem because we are getting such a good response, and Mandy sounded so typical that we had high hopes for her recovery.

Dr. Pink and I received an e-mail from Jeannie (Mandy's mom) and she informed the team that Mandy was getting NO better....

The Pawhealer team became worried. We told Jeannie that in a few instances that it could take up to ten days to get a change to the cough.....

Another day then goes by...The team sent an e-mail to Jeannie that we wanted to speak to her about getting another formula out to her based on the newest symptoms of coughing...which was a deep seated cough...deep and rumbling.

But then....we received a call from Jeannie...we held our breath....with worry...

And guess what?

Jeannie told the PawHealer team that Mandy's cough was over....But poor Mandy was spent with exhaustion!

Wowser...was the PawHealer team happy.

We told Jeannie that Mandy needed another formula to build back her energy and help her lungs recover!

Wheeew......this was a tough one for the team!

Hi Holly! My dog's name is Mandy, she is a black Pomeranian, and she will be 11 years old April 1st. Did I order the right medicine in your opinion?She does have dry skin always. We give her fish oil and oatmeal baths for that. Any other suggestions?
----- Original Message ----
From: PawHealer
To: Jean<maxjeannie@
Sent: Sunday, March 2, 2008 7:25:23 AM
Subject: Re: Collapsed Trachea Herbs

Hi Jeannie,
I am having great success with the loud constant cough...When it is loud like that, I believe that there is what TCM calls Lung Heat. You might say another word is "inflammation". The herbs go down and scour the lungs and remove turbid filth...the stuff that is causing the extreme cough.
Yes there is an herbal formula that works for stuff like asthma, because it does what you mentioned, which dilates the airways, and stops wheezing. Ren Shen Ge Jie San is more for that deficient weak cough.
If you would like to try the arrest wheezing formula let me know, I have not had any experience with it, although it is listed in most holistic Veterinary manuals for asthma....Same concept right? I think it might be a nice add on to either set of formulas.
I mailed your herbal formula Friday early in the day. You'll have it Monday.
How much does your dog weigh and how old and what is the pooch's name? Anything are health related issues? Perhaps skin?

-------Original Message-------
From: Jean
Date: 3/2/2008 5:13:11 AM
Subject: Collapsed Trachea Herbs
Hi Holly! My name is Jeannie. My dog Mandy is almost 11 years old and has a collapsed trachea. She was diagnosed and treated as a puppy but has not had trouble with it since. She now has a very loud cough and it is constant. On Friday I ordered your SANG BAI PI TANG MODIFIED. Will this help dialate the airways as well as help with the cough? How long before it starts to work? I assume it comes in the mail and I was wondering when I will recieve it. I see that you recomend REN SHEN GE JIE SAN MODIFIED after she takes the SANG BAI PI TANG MODIFIED. I an eager to hear from you. Thank you for you're time. Jeannie

Jean to me
show details Mar 2 (11 days ago)

Holly, Mandy reacts to the kennel cough vaccine. We do not give it to her through her nose, she gets a shot, but the vet gives her a shot of cortisone first. We elected not to gve it to her for years bcause she does react to it. She has not had one this year because she had to have a cyst removed and we wanted to wait. She has problems allergies as I do. If my allergies are bothering me hers are too, for this I give her Benadryl. IShe eats Perscripteve ID or Pedigree chicken and rice. Turkey Breast for treats.

----- Original Message ----
From: PawHealer
To: Jean<maxjeannie@
Sent: Sunday, March 2, 2008 7:34:36 AM
Subject: Re: Collapsed Trachea Herbs

I would never give that vaccine again, or for that matter none...I would also seek out a holistic vet so that you can get the scoop. I feel that your dog is immune compromised....makes sense right?
They have a test that they can run on your dog before any shots, to see if they actually need the shots...but none the less, your dog does not every need a KC shot!
There was a big holistic thing here this weekend, and the vets that attended won't take dog patients that continue to receive the vaccines. There is a big movement under foot about this problem, I think that we'll see big changes in the coming years because I our pets are very sick as a result of the abuse of vaccines.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Meet Chandalar...Whata Pretty Girl!

This is Chandalar, she is the bigger dog, not the stuff toy in the purse and Chandalar has been having terrible problems with her trachea, causing her not to get any sleep because she's coughing and wheezing almost 24 hours a day!

Not to worry.... Pink Pinkerton and The PawHealer to the rescue!

We are doing alot of work with fact Dr. Pink Pinkerton and I actually enhanced our collapsed trachea protocol herbs with Chandalar...we included a formula for wheezing. Between the formula for the coughing and the formula for the wheezing, Jody (Chandalar's dog mom) says she is doing so much better.

Pink Pinkerton and I have posted Jody's e-mails that she has sent tot he team.

What we are finding, is that every little dog is different. Dr. Pink and I encourage our dog friends to work with us, because as we get the information, we work with dosage, learn about the cough, and we make modifications as necessary.

The team is very thankful to Chandalar's mom because she gave us a lot of feedback as we worked with the new formula...and now Dr. Pink Pinkerton and I can offer it to other dogs with wheezing as well as the coughing.

We now have three formulas;

Coughing, Wheezing and Gagging.

Not all dogs have those three different types of coughs. So we now offer formulas to match the different sounds and it seems to be increasing the effectiveness of the herbal remedies.

From: jodywalks@
Date: 3/6/2008 1:20:17 PM
Subject:  herbs

Dear Admin,

There is a request posted by Jody

Detail Are

First Name Jody
Last Name Jody
Email Address jodywalks
Subject  herbs
Phone No 714-897-
Best Time to Call after 7PM
Details My Chichuachua mix, Chandalar, has been diagnoised with a heart murmur and enlarged heart, and now has pretty severe collasped trachea. I'm concerned that the constant coughing (honking) is causing the trachea to weaken even more. I have a medication that is a cough suppressant with codine which give us (her and me) about 3-4 hrs of sleep at night before the coughing starts again. I am mostly concerned that she is suffering when trying to breath, even though the rest of her life quality is fine. She is a rescue dog and is about 7-8 yrs. old. I would say that she is coughing 75% of her waking hours. Do you have any suggestions? Jody

Have a Wonderful Relations Ahead


Received it yesterday and she has had two doses now.
I had given her some children's cough syrup and a mild doggie tranq (as this worked well the day before) and we all have a relatively good nights sleep. Today I will only giver her the herbs so any progress can be noted. I have to say coughing has reduced to wheezing at this time, but I'll be with her all day and will be able to tell more.
Thanks so much for your timely response

From: Jody
Date: 3/9/2008 9:38:29 AM
Subject: Re: Collasped Trachea herbs
Well, she is still wheezing and still has coughing spells. But, I notice some of the coughing sounds are wetter now and was wondering if the herbs were loosen up somethng and causing this.
Also, I think it seems that she is better (less coughing) because she seems to be sleeping alot and very soundly. She will have a coughing spell (a honking wheeze everytime she exhales) but they are a little less often and shorter, but she will shortly thereafter lay down and sleep for a while. After herb time, she will sleep so deeply that I sometimes checks to see if she is breathing!
Are some of the herbs acting as a sedative?
I don't mind that she is sleeping so much as then she isn't coughing and it is giving her throat and trachea a break and time to heal a little, but want to be sure it isn't harmful.

From: Jody
Date: 3/9/2008 10:39:56 AM
Subject: Re: Collasped Trachea herbs
oh I have been giving both at the same time since yesterday AM, when you told me too. She is sleeping now (again!) so I'll let you know how it is going.As long as it isn't harmful for her I'm happy to have her sleep so much, then she isn't coughing and inflaming her throat so much. But she is still wheezing with each exhale when she has an event. Just that the events are less often and shorter.

Date: 3/10/2008 1:18:04 PM
Subject: Re: Collasped Trachea herbs
I used the last of the 'wheezing" herb this morning and am now administering the other bottle of herbs you sent me.
There is definite improvement, although of course the wheezing and coughing has not gone altogether, but I feel it is now at an acceptable level. I need to get more of the wheezing herbs or should I just finish up the other before a dertmination is made?


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Meet George He Has Collapsed Trachea

George is getting better! The team loves to help these little dogs. Isn't George the cutest little dog? Dr. Pink Pinkerton are continuing our work with George, a 60% improvement is a great thing when dealing with such a chronic and difficult condition such as this problem. The team feels confident that we can continue to improve George's cough.

Date: 3/1/2008 9:04:45 AM
Subject: RE: Collapsed Trachea
Well he is OK except for the cough which happens between 4-8 times a day. Mostly when he gets up in the morning and when he gets excited. I am not sure what or how I am supposed to use or give these herbs??? I have been mixing the not so potent one with a spoon of wet food in the morning and at dinner. What will this really do to help his collapsing trachea?

From: info@eventful
Date: 3/8/2008 8:30:48 AM
To: PawHealer
Subject: RE: The cough?


The cough is better….not gone yet so much better. He has only been getting the more potent herbs twice a day because my husband and I are not home in the middle of the day. I am off now for about a week so I am now going to move to three times a day.

Question? Should he only be on one or should I be giving him both.


Thanks for checking in


Friday, March 7, 2008

Chinese Food Therapy for Dogs and Cats

Here is the link for the temperature of foods for our dogs and cats;

Chinese Food Therapy for Dogs and Cats

Dr. Pink Pinkerton and I have promised this information for a long time!

How do we use this chart?

Well, if for example the pet seems to run "hot" which would be indicated by panting, seeking cool places, thirst, redness of the skin or eyes, etc, then the food choices would come from the foods that are either Cool/Cold or from the neutral category.

The reverse of that would be if for instance the pet appeared chilled, wanting to curl up in a ball, wants under the covers of bedding, or seeks to lie in the sunlight, then the food choices would come from the group of Warm/Hot foods and from the neutral category.

Not sure? Then use foods from only the neutral category.

In the future the PawHealer team will be posting many more diets and food choices.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Pig Person

The other day Dr. Pink Pinkerton and I woke up to this nasty message;


I ran into your site and was horrified to see someone catering TCVM over the internet that does not have a license! Your are not a licensed veterinarian are you? Your are not certified in TCVM are you? What are you doing on line selling herbs? Are you a licensed veterinarin in California with a Certification in TCVM???????????????????

I am downloading all of your pages and contacting the Oregon and california Veterinary medcial Boards about you practicing without a license!

Patricia Jordan DVM,CVA,CTCVM & Herbology

Here is our response back to this nasty person;

Hi Patricia,
Can you please refer me to the law or the legislation where it states that you can not sell herbs on line? And aren't there about 1000 sites that sell herbs for pets on the Internet?
Why do you feel that I am doing something different than say a company called Pet Alive, or any of the other herb companies that are there when you do searches for things such as pet herbs etc.....?
I would appreciate the information.

Here is her response back to that message;

You are selling herbs for diagnosed conditions and therefore practicing veterinary medicine without a license. refer to the california veterinary medical practice act. By selling them over the internet, you are also practicing in any state that you send herbs that you are claiming will treat those dignoses! I will forward this information to the AVMA.

Patricia Jordan DVM,CVA,CTCVM & Herbology

What a nasty person...those are the only words I can think of. And look at all of those spelling you really think that this is a doctor? I wonder if it just a nut case?

Anyway, I didn't get into the fact that I most likely had a zillion more hours of TCM study that she did...she is a certified TCM vet. What this means is that she takes about 120 hours of instruction, and then she thinks she is an expert.

The National Commission for the Certification
of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine provides the course accepted by most
states. It comprises 1,725 hours (most veterinary programs offer less than one-
tenth of that). "

I have thousands of hours of TCM study, she does not....and I could never imagine surfing the net, and looking for people who do what I do, and then making it my mission to send them a nasty e-mail and do all the nasty things that she says she is going to do. Which by the way is fine with me....Go ahead lady...

What I think is sad, is that it makes it hard for pet owners to get good TCM for their pets because the Vets are trying to keep all TCM in their they are qualified or not.

Its all about the money honey.

I am an acupuncturist...that means I can do it on humans...but get this; not on dogs or cats...

Why is this? Because the Vets have lobbied to keep this practice all to themselves. They take a seminar of 120 hours, and they call themselves a TCM practitioner.

What a crock of crap.

Since Dr. Pink Pinkerton and I want to eventually open up retail stores for affordable holistic pet care, we did some research about the regulatory considerations for complimentary alternative veterinary medicine (CAVM).

I paid for a study that was extremely interesting...for anyone who wants to read what pigs these veterinarians can be here is the link to the study

Regulatory Condiderations

The upshot of this 17 page document is this;
"Attempting to restrict the practice of every single conceivable modality to
veterinarians has the potential for making veterinarians look like bullies trying
to pick on the new kids in the neighborhood. Virtually anyone can provide
emotional support in times of crisis. Attempts to regulate such support would
seem to be futile—indeed, they might rather be viewed as shortsighted, as
they might induce conflict between the professional and client and force the
client to choose between a compassionate layperson and a veterinarian who is
perceived as having “poor bedside manner.”

NO KIDDING...what a friggin bully!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Molly....Private Part Problems...

Dr. Pink and I received a very desperate request for herbals from Kathy who is Molly's dog mom.

Molly had some significant females issues. I know she won't mind us telling her story, since we don't include her last name to protect her privacy.

This was a very embarrassing event for Molly, but for the benefit of all the dogs in the world, she is willing to tell her story so others will not have to suffer and can learn about PawHealer and Dr. Pink Pinkerton and what they have to offer.

Molly.....recently had "the operation" know...the one that they alter her private parts so she won't have puppies.

Something happened after that procedure..

Because the muscles of her private part did not close after the operation, it was as if the muscles had become slack. Unfortunately as a result of this muscle laxity, she then sat on a bur...and guess where it went?

Yup....right where it shouldn't have.

The bur was removed, but ever since that embarrassing event, Molly has been peeing all over the house, and nothing was working to get her to stop. Kathy said she could tell that Molly was not feeling well at all...and wanted something that would not make Molly feel worse.

Dr. Pink Pinkerton and I gathered the information, and based on the data we determined that Molly's Yin had become deficient and then this was compounded by the fact that she had also had contracted Damp Heat in the Lower Burner which was causing the painful urination. Ouch!

Let me translate that....

As a result of the procedure that had altered her , she now had slack vaginal muscles. Perhaps there was some sort of problem at the time of the procedure who knows. Because of the lax muscles she had contracted Damp Heat, which can mean that there existed infection of the badder because the unprotected vagina was open for external invasion.

The team provided her with two formulas One to tonify her Yin and the other to clear the Damp Heat (bladder infection) in the Lower Burner. And she is now feeling GREAT!

We are so pleased that Molly has provided the PawHealer team with her picture. What a looker this girl is.....

Thank you Molly for trusting your privates to the Dr. Pink Pinkerton and The PawHealer.

Hi Dr. Pink Pinkerton and PawHealer, We are doing great, thank you! My only question is: Do I use up the entire first bottle of herbs, then use up the entire second bottle? Thank you, Kathy


Here is a picture of Molly. She thanks you!