Friday, March 14, 2008

Mandy's Cough....A Tough Case!

Dr. Pink Pinkerton and I have been working with Mandy, her story is published below...anyway Mandy had the typical harsh, and we mean really harsh, honking cough.

Of course the Pawhealer team thought nothing of this problem because we are getting such a good response, and Mandy sounded so typical that we had high hopes for her recovery.

Dr. Pink and I received an e-mail from Jeannie (Mandy's mom) and she informed the team that Mandy was getting NO better....

The Pawhealer team became worried. We told Jeannie that in a few instances that it could take up to ten days to get a change to the cough.....

Another day then goes by...The team sent an e-mail to Jeannie that we wanted to speak to her about getting another formula out to her based on the newest symptoms of coughing...which was a deep seated cough...deep and rumbling.

But then....we received a call from Jeannie...we held our breath....with worry...

And guess what?

Jeannie told the PawHealer team that Mandy's cough was over....But poor Mandy was spent with exhaustion!

Wowser...was the PawHealer team happy.

We told Jeannie that Mandy needed another formula to build back her energy and help her lungs recover!

Wheeew......this was a tough one for the team!

Hi Holly! My dog's name is Mandy, she is a black Pomeranian, and she will be 11 years old April 1st. Did I order the right medicine in your opinion?She does have dry skin always. We give her fish oil and oatmeal baths for that. Any other suggestions?
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Hi Jeannie,
I am having great success with the loud constant cough...When it is loud like that, I believe that there is what TCM calls Lung Heat. You might say another word is "inflammation". The herbs go down and scour the lungs and remove turbid filth...the stuff that is causing the extreme cough.
Yes there is an herbal formula that works for stuff like asthma, because it does what you mentioned, which dilates the airways, and stops wheezing. Ren Shen Ge Jie San is more for that deficient weak cough.
If you would like to try the arrest wheezing formula let me know, I have not had any experience with it, although it is listed in most holistic Veterinary manuals for asthma....Same concept right? I think it might be a nice add on to either set of formulas.
I mailed your herbal formula Friday early in the day. You'll have it Monday.
How much does your dog weigh and how old and what is the pooch's name? Anything are health related issues? Perhaps skin?

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Date: 3/2/2008 5:13:11 AM
Subject: Collapsed Trachea Herbs
Hi Holly! My name is Jeannie. My dog Mandy is almost 11 years old and has a collapsed trachea. She was diagnosed and treated as a puppy but has not had trouble with it since. She now has a very loud cough and it is constant. On Friday I ordered your SANG BAI PI TANG MODIFIED. Will this help dialate the airways as well as help with the cough? How long before it starts to work? I assume it comes in the mail and I was wondering when I will recieve it. I see that you recomend REN SHEN GE JIE SAN MODIFIED after she takes the SANG BAI PI TANG MODIFIED. I an eager to hear from you. Thank you for you're time. Jeannie

Jean to me
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Holly, Mandy reacts to the kennel cough vaccine. We do not give it to her through her nose, she gets a shot, but the vet gives her a shot of cortisone first. We elected not to gve it to her for years bcause she does react to it. She has not had one this year because she had to have a cyst removed and we wanted to wait. She has problems allergies as I do. If my allergies are bothering me hers are too, for this I give her Benadryl. IShe eats Perscripteve ID or Pedigree chicken and rice. Turkey Breast for treats.

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Subject: Re: Collapsed Trachea Herbs

I would never give that vaccine again, or for that matter none...I would also seek out a holistic vet so that you can get the scoop. I feel that your dog is immune compromised....makes sense right?
They have a test that they can run on your dog before any shots, to see if they actually need the shots...but none the less, your dog does not every need a KC shot!
There was a big holistic thing here this weekend, and the vets that attended won't take dog patients that continue to receive the vaccines. There is a big movement under foot about this problem, I think that we'll see big changes in the coming years because I our pets are very sick as a result of the abuse of vaccines.

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