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Special Basic Kidney Essense Diet For A Long Life

This is a PawHealer special diet that we developed ourselves. It all started when our oldest dog family member got very sick due to chronic renal disease from unknown origins. (I think it was from the bad pet food awhile back)

At the time Dr. Pink and I gave Orbit all the herbal formulas that we thought would work for his condition, but they didn't really begin to effectively help his illness until we actually provided food therapy in tandem with the herbal formulas.

Because the PawHealer family is quite large, a total of four dogs to our pack, all of the family is lucky enough to get the special foods that are cooked for Sweet Orbit. The PawHealer loves her dog family, but cooking individual meals for all the pack was NOT an option, therefore all four of the dog family receive Orbit's healing foods.

After four months of this continuous diet, not only is Orbit running around and playing with the puppies of the pack, who are Dr Pink Pinkerton, Daisy Girl, and The Bad Dog Chico Martini, but they all have a look of incredibly healthy dogs.

Each one of the dog's eyes are bright, muscles are sleek, coats are shiny, lots of energy, and not one of them has required any health services.

So what is this miracle food fare?

Dr. Pink and I base it on the concept of the "Law of Secondary Doctrine" which states that God has given us the knowledge how to heal, simply look at what surrounds us throughout nature, and chose those foods that resemble the structure that we find necessary to repair.

Orbit's Kidney's are compromised, and the Kidneys are the source of the bodies essence. There fore, by feeding Orbit foods that provided essence, we would also be healing the source of his illness which are his Kidneys.

Before I go on to list the foods, it is important to understand that by feeding any pet this diet, you are providing the dog or cat with vital essence, or another word is longevity. Essence is the spirit of vitality. So don't look at this list of food as food for only a sick pet, it is actually a food list that heals a sick pet and foods that can prevent our pets from becoming sick...the key words...Essence and Vitality.

Because we are working on Orbit's Kidney function, we are directed to foods that actually have the shape of a Kidney.....and when you're working at shoring up the Kidney system you are actually infusing the pet with "Essence". Therefore it makes sense that feeding even healthy pets this menu, it will provide them with stores of Essence which they may draw upon for a long life as well as help them to successfully fight disease.

Here is a basic list of foods that Dr. Pink Pinkerton and I use to heal Orbit as well as to feed the healthy family.

Meat: Kidneys, Livers with all the blood...yum! Pork which is neutral temperature meat and soft shell Turtle meat...wowser, dog and cat heaven! Don't forget the occasional fish of some sort.

If you have access to a Chinese market, buy the Black Chicken...which very strongly nourishes blood. I alternate these rich meats with cooking white chicken or pork. (bones gizzards and all)

Soup bones...if your dog cannot chew bones, then cook them into the broth. Bones are apart of the system of the Kidneys and provides the body with strong essence. I use whole chickens and cook them up...yes bones and all, for hours, and mix it into their other food. It makes a nice soft mixture and they love me for that!

Lunch and Dinner time are a big event at the PawHealer family home.

I use the meat as the base and I add to the mixture and cook all together to make a gruel like mixture. I do not put everything on this list at one time, I mix and match depending on what I feel like cooking. Every meal is different, but it has the basic structure, items that have the same shape and color as the Kidneys.

Kidney Beans or Black Beans (again the shape of a Kidney as well as the colors that are the same as the Kidney). If your pet has internal heat, Mung Bean is a great item to add.

Yams or Sweet Potatoes which nourish Yin (fluids)

Black Sesame Seeds a vital source of Calcium and a great super food.
Walnuts are wonderful for essence (they have the shape of a Kidney and looks like the Brain!)
Roasted Almonds
Red Dates
Lotus Seeds

Black rice or the darkest Brown Rice. (not if your dog is not on a grain free diet)

Any vegetable that I find which is on sale at the time...they love carrots!

I also add a tad of Flax Seed Oil for good measure....every few days.

How much do I feed each of them? The answer is I eyeball the servings and I watch their weight. If I feel that they are getting to thick, I just cut back the serving. If I feel that they seem a little too hungry, I increase the serving.

However there is a single thought that I keep in mind; I do not want an overweight dog. Once a pet adds unnecessary weight, then there will follow unnecessary illness.

How do we cook this conglomeration?

We throw everything into a crock pot or a giant stock pot, and let it cook for hours until it all blends together to make a nice hearty meal. I would say that the meat portion is about 20-25% of the serving, and I fill the rest of them up with the Yams or Sweet Potatoes and beans.

This is our first diet post..finally! There will be more to follow since food is the most powerful medicinal of all!
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PBS (our local public broadcasting station) has a special on of Peter from Peter Paul and Mary and his Daughter and her Partner making music from Woodstock. That brings back memories for me....I'm not sure if you remember Woodstock? I'm 59 and I remember leaving a note on my Mother's kitchen table. "Bye, gone to Woodstock." Geez, what memories. I'm sure that will never be repeated again...A once in a lifetime. Changed me and my friends forever. Hard for young people today to think of me as a "hippie."

Anyway, while we are watching, bubble, bubble, toil and trouble....our stew of gizzards, marrow bones, chicken necks. carrots, parsnips, parsley, a little celery is cooking away on the stove and Shadow has now had two helpings of the juice with complete amount of herbs and some stewed chicken. TWO HELPINGS...Now is here again by my feet BEGGING for more!! Ah oh, Shaman just woke up. I'm in big trouble now.....Two more helpings later....This is wonderful. They are eating their herbs....(I've been giving Shaman a little of Shadow's itch stuff so he doesn't feel left out.) You are quite right...They love this stuff!! THANKS HOLLY!!!

The sun just came out, so I guess I'll go on an adventure searching strange (for me) neighborhoods for kidneys. If I find some, I'll cook them and add them to the stew. My friend Jaime told me some time ago that his wife and Mother in law feasted from time to time on kidneys. I guess it's an ethnic (Hispanic) thing. He told me his whole house smelled like piss. he hated it when they cooked kidneys.

Yes, the entire thing grosses me out, but there isn't anything I wouldn't do for the boyz.....

Have a great day!! And thank you thank you thank you!!