Sunday, March 16, 2008

Meet Bully...One Of Our First Customers

This is Bully and he has a collapsed trachea...but there is a story about Bully. He is one of the first dog's that started working with Dr. Pink Pinkerton and myself.

Rudy (Bully's owner) a dedicated and loving pet owner. He has been searching high and low to find a cure for Bully's trachea.

One day he happened to find our website, and I would say we have been working together for over a year.

But Bully and Rudy have a problem. Rudy's wife does not believe in Chinese medicine so Rudy has to keep everything a secret and he can't talk to us on the phone...

So we have just recently gotten Bully's cough under control because of the communication limitations. The team has to hand it to Rudy, he is incredibly dedicated to old Bully.

Bully has weak knees, so Rudy has to carry him up the stairs at night when they go to bed. Rudy watches over Bully day in and day out, and cares so much about healing Bully.

The many dogs that get have received the PawHealer's Collapsed Trachea herbs can thank Rudy and Bully, its because of them that we kept working on the formulas until we found the key that works for the dreadful problem that afflicts these small dogs.

Thank You Bully and Rudy!

From: Rudy
Date: 3/16/2008 3:32:47 PM
Subject: Re: Bully

Hi Holly, here is a pic of bully.. The 1/8 scoop 3 times a day seems pretty good but not perfected yet. The current formula seems to be helping but still need more time to see. thanks holly...
aloha,, Bully.Rudy

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