Sunday, March 23, 2008

Max The Cat Has Loose Stools

Dear Dr. Pinky Pinkerton and PawHealer;

There is a request posted by Sheryl

Detail Are

Last Name Sheryl
Address Allen
Email Address seashine37
Subject Cat - Loose Stools and Stress
Phone No 303-642
Best Time to Call anytime
Details My cat has had loose stools for a couple of months. There has been some straining during bowel movements. His eating & activity level haven't changed. He has a sensitive digestion and is emotionally sensitive in general. We have moved 3 times in 6 months, prior to that he had never moved in over 6 years. He recently had dental surgery; quite traumatic. He is noise sensitive, and we now live in a very noisy spot. I am concerned about the loose bowels and am uncertain if it's gastro or stress related.

Dr. Pink Pinkerton spoke with Sheryl and told her we thought Max would do good on a digestive formula that would help to firm up those stools.

We are going to make Max a formula based on the formula sheng ling bai zhu san, and combine it with ping wei san and wu ling san, to drain some of the dampness.

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