Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Update on Shaman and Shadow

We posted the story of Shadow and Shaman a couple of weeks ago. (Shaman's and Shadow's link) We have a current update from Rhonda and "the boyz".

Dr. Pink Pinkerton and I get a kick out of Rhonda's updates, we think you will to!

Hi Holly:

Thought you'd like to know about the status of the boyz maladies....

Shaman has NOT BEEN LICKING his back paw hardly at all. I haven't seen such an improvement in 1 1/2 years. Honest! He still is licking his front paw, but not as much. The yeast/scabby/crusty scabby stuff around his mouth is SO MUCH IMPROVED it's hardly there anymore. (Only a couple of little spots....)

This is a major improvement.

The diet you recommended is super. The boyz absolutely love it. There is a big problem, though....Shaman squeals so much while awaiting his food and barks and twirls (this morning at 6:00 AM) that I'm afraid he's going to wake up the entire condo neighborhood... So far, no complaints, and I hope they aren't coming. Hum....maybe I'm going to have to dish up the meals (I keep all the ingredients in separate containers in the fridge and mix them.) There's the bloody meat container, the mung bean container, the yam container, the stewed chicken container and the chicken soup container. So, he's just about burst before I can get all the ingredients in his bowl and nuked up for 15 seconds. would think I never feed him....This goes on twice a day. I must admit,....since Shadow doesn't eat at the same time as Shaman, sometimes, I have to give Shaman another supper when Shadow decides to eat or both of us will never hear the end of it. (Shaman also has taken to lording over Shadow's bowl while Shadow is eating....Shadow doesn't like this, so Shaman gets yet another supper.....)

Shadow's cough is BETTER, BETTER, BETTER!!!!! He's still coughing, but no more head shaking, and not much waking from sleep coughing. He still coughs/gags when he runs and a little periodically throughout the day, but no where near as bad. I'm not as concerned as I was. PHEW! The only problem still is that he is still chewing his paws as soon as he goes out. Have you every seen a Shih-Tzu laying down in grubby leaves chewing on his paws insanely and not listening to Mom who is screeching to get out of the yucky, moldy leaves.....He doesn't do this quite as much in the house, but as soon as he hits the outside air, he's chomping on his feet. (This is more important to him than peeing...I wasn't happy at 6:00 am while I was standing outside with him in 27 degree weather this morning....And, I didn't have but a sweater on....GRRRRRRRRR. Burrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Both boyz are receiving their herbs diluted in chicken soup gravy and they are ok with that for now. Shadow has turned his nose up a few times, but I get really stern and tell him he has to eat his supper before Shamster flies in there and eats it all up in 3 seconds.....He is the original food boy....But, yesterday,....Shaman was still snoozing when I put both suppers down and Shadow, the little varmint ate both. I've not seen him do that before. Oh, well, I'm sure Shaman's herbs aren't going to hurt Shadow every once in a while and vice versa.

I see from your website that you are very busy.....All the blessings you bestow are returning to you. It shall continue for you. I am certain of it.

So, that's it for update for now. I'll keep in touch.


Rhonda, Shaman and Shadow

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