Tuesday, May 6, 2008

From Charlotte from somewhere in the midwest...

Dr. Pinky Pinkerton (the handsome fellow on the header) is always happy to hear from his patients. He normally prefers to post about them with pictures, but he is wanting to start strutting "his stuff" he has instructed me, The PawHealer, to put up information about ALL of his furry patients.

Who am I to argue with Dr. Pink Pinkerton, herbalist extraordinare?

Dr. Pink wants you to meet Charlotte. This was Charlotte's first time using herbal medicine for her dog Dixie who had a cough due to a collapsed trachea.


Dixie is improving and per our phone conversation, you mentioned that she might need a tonic when she finishes her med. That will be about 20 more days.
do you think she will have to stay on the herbs after the 30 days or just wait and see? Also how much is the tonic? She sneezes now and the cough is very infrequent.
Is it possible that she will be cured? When she does cough it is generally when she is excited to see me. My vet did not hear anything to indicate a heart problem when he listened, he did mention that her heart could be enlarged which would show on an x-ray. So far, I am very pleased with the herb mix.


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