Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Meet Barnum....Working Away At His Lipomas

Dr. Pinky Pinkerton, the herbalist extraordinaries, and the host of this site (he is the handsome fellow on the header pictured above) would like to take this opportunity to introduce Barnum a Beagle friend of his.

Dr. Pink is happy to report that Barnum is having great success with our Dissolve formula which breaks apart those ugly fatty tumors. Here is Anna's message directed tot he PawHealing team;

From: To:
Subject: Dissolve all over

About one week ago I had received the dissolve all over. I have a large Beagle. He is about 45 pounds. I started him on the higher dosage and after three days went to the normal. He has a very large fat tumor, it was diagnosed by a vet, he is 13 years old and I see a difference in him since I started him on it. My question to you is after the two months of treatment and hopefully it shrinks down, it is very large about the size of a cantaloupe, is there a maintenance dosage? I understand that once it is stopped that the heat returns. Please advise me on how much to give him and what treatment after. Anna

Here is her second message with a little more information

Thank you for responding so quickly. I have noticed that the heat from the lump has subsided and it is not so hard. I had measured him before we started the dose and I plan on measuring him every Monday. The first time I had measured him he was 35 inches around and as of Monday he measured at 34 1/2. He still is licking his paws and the tags that he has are still there but I am hoping that soon it will heal. I would like to make sure that I am giving him the right dosage. He is about 45 lbs. and as I said he is a tall and large boned too. I started with 2 tablespoons that came with the powder 3 times a day. If that is not the correct dosage please let me know. I would like to keep him on the higher dosage if you feel that it would do him better. He has been on it so far 2 weeks. Thank you for your help. Anna

Disclosure PawHealer® (what we want you to know):

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Unknown said...

A sad note...Barnum passed away of Kidney Disease...

The PawHealer team wishes Barnum a happy new life up there with our Sweet Orbit.

Good bye Barnum...we'll see you on the other side!