Friday, May 30, 2008

Remi...And Her Mystery Disease

Dr. Pink would like to introduce his new patient Remy. The Pawhealer team has actually been working with Remy for awhile.

She received herbs to help clear heat toxicity, and to clear heat from the stomach. Her problem is that she has a growth under her tongue. Not exactly cancer, but not normal.

The biggest problem is that she is loosing facial muscle...The PawHealing team is currently mulling over her new formulas.

We have been researching high and low....and we have found several formulas that we believe will help her face. We think the lump is gone now.

From: Brigette
Date: 5/6/2008 4:15:36 PM
Subject: Vet's Report for Ill Rottweiler

Hi Holly & Dr. Pink Pinkerton Herbalist Extraordinair,

This is a follow up to the conversation we have a little over a week ago. My 7 year old Rottweiler has deteriorated rapidly over the past few weeks. The vet found a mass under her tongue, the biopsy returned some cancerous cells were present. These are the most notable changes in physical and behavioral characteristics:

Lack of interest in favorite crunchy foods and chew toy.
Lethargic and significantly less playful.
Extreme sensitivity to noise.
Sleeping or resting more.
Depression-like overall behavior.

Loss of muscle structure in face giving her head a caved-in look on the left side.
Bone on top of head protrudes.
Soft stool and occasional blood in stool.
Flinch or whine when mouth/nose area is touched.

I've attached a few picture of REMI, 7 year old Rottweiler. Per your suggestion, I've included plenty of liver and buffalo meat in her diet. Anything you can suggest to aid her condition and make her well is greatly appreciated!

Dr. Pink and I are told that she does much better on the herbs.....our goal is to get her face to start to heal itself. That's when Dr. Pink and I will feel satisfied, and not until then!

Dr. Pink and I have our fingers, toes and tail crossed.....we want this next round of herbs to make Remy's face feel better.


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Unknown said...

Update...Remy responded great to the last set of herbs. We are told that her face is now filling back out and that she is improving daily.

We repeated the last set of herbs again, with just a few modification. We went and cleared more stomach heat.