Thursday, May 1, 2008

Meet Robin...Fighing Lyme Disease...

Wow....Dr.. Pink Pinkerton was bowled over by the beauty of this Ms. Robin. She's a looker he tells me!

But sadly Dr. Pink Pinkerton has been working with Vicki, Robin's person, in order to help this beauty recover from a tick bite that caused her to become ill with Lyme's disease from those damn tick bites.

Errrrrr,,,,,,damn those ticks says Dr. Pink Pinkerton.

The Pawhealer Team is getting ready to send out the second batch of herbs to Vicki....we conferred with experts in the field and they felt that we should layer our herbs with more exterior heat clearing herbs.

We are doing a blend of xiao chai hu tang modified with some herbal antibiotics. Dr Pink wants his readers to understand that Lyme's disease is one that lies half on the interior of Robin's body and half on the exterior. It is Dr. Pink's job to help Robin push that evil heat pathogen out of Robin's body so that she can recover more swiftly.

Dr. Pink also has provided a formula called sheng ling bai zhu san and wei ling san to help with Robin's digestive issues, which are water retention and weight gain.

Hi Holly,

I wanted to update you on how it is going with Robin. I upped her dosage of the powder to a large teaspoon twice a day. She is tolerating it well in the congee, but since I feed small amounts of her food due to her weight issue, I don’t want to make her food almost totally medicine and no actual food. She has improved in general but starting yesterday and this morning she is back to licking herself and her eyes are really irritated and weeping. She also has a lameness in her right front that seems to come and go. Earlier this year after we had been out snowshoeing with the dogs she developed a sore right front. After watching it for several days she suddenly got very ill with a high fever and her foot started swelling. The vet determined that she had stepped on something and gotten a bacterial infection through her foot. We treated her with anti-biotics and it went away but now and then recurs as a lameness there. She is getting to the last 1/3 or so of her bottle of powder so I am wondering where we go from here with the symptoms we have and if I should stay with the amount of powder she is getting or should raise or lower the dosage. I guess I was not clear on whether to be giving her 1 teaspoon twice a day for a total of 2 a day or more than that. Since she had trouble tolerating it in the beginning, my approach has been conservative. She has been through so much in the last two years.

So---do we try a different formula with the symptoms she is presenting now or stay with what we are doing? Do you have any ideas for the lameness and the body inflammation in the mucus membranes causing the vaginal itch and eye inflammation?

Thanks for your help!

Vicki and Robin

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